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Caley Ridge Assisted Living is an assisted living community located in Englewood that offers senior living and care services.

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Caley Ridge Assisted Living Amenities

  • Respite Care

Caley Ridge Assisted Living Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,717

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Average cost of assisted living within 20 miles$3,713/month
Englewood average cost of assisted living$4,067/month
Colorado average cost of assisted living$4,063/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Caley Ridge Assisted Living assisted living Facility in Englewood, Colorado. Caley Ridge Assisted Living is 91% the cost of assisted living in Englewood and 91% the cost of assisted living in Colorado.

Detailed Information

Caley Ridge Assisted Living Englewood CO

At Caley Ridge Assisted Living in Englewood, CO, retirement is about more than receiving long-term care. The assisted living community offers everything a person needs for happy, healthy retirement thanks to their exceptional amenities, in-depth wellness programs and a variety of personal care services. 

The community’s personal care services are extensive, helping people with their daily activities so they can enjoy their retirement to the fullest. Advisers and caregivers understand that each person is unique and the care programs that work for one person may not help another. They use a person-centered approach to retirement living, creating an individualized care plan for each resident according to their needs. Each person’s individualized care routine is different and may feature services like: 

  • Assistance with activities of daily living 
  • Medication management 
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Laundry and linen services 

In addition to the community’s personal care services, wellness programs play a major role in a person’s day-to-day life at Caley Ridge. Staying active, expressing creativity and interacting with others are important parts of healthy aging. Caley Ridge encourages each resident to make friends and create hobbies through their social events and community amenities. 

The community’s social events calendar changes every month. It is available online for anyone who wants to see what Caley Ridge offers this month. The calendar may include events like: 

  • Arts and crafts sessions 
  • Game and movie nights 
  • Pet therapy 
  • Guest speakers and lectures 
  • Group outings and hikes 

Additionally, many residents spend time with their friends and peers in the community’s on-site restaurant. The restaurant staff serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, offering a diverse selection of meals that change daily. Incoming residents can check out the monthly menu on Caley Ridge’s website, which features classic favorites like eggplant parmesan, tortellini alfredo, and crispy fried chicken. Vegetarians, kosher residents, and people with food allergies can request meal substitutions as necessary to accommodate their dietary needs. 

When residents prefer to prepare their own meals, they can do so in their apartment. Each unit comes with a spacious kitchenette, featuring counter space, cabinets for storage, and a full-size refrigerator. The community’s apartments each have their own unique charm and personality, but they all come complete with: 

  • Private bathrooms 
  • Large windows with stunning views 
  • Emergency call systems 
  • Cable and internet hookups 
  • Dining areas 
  • Closets with room for storage 

The community is pet-friendly and residents are allowed to bring one small, well-behaved animal with them when they move in. Residents can choose from five floor plans when they apply to Caley Ridge, depending on their availability. Floor plans include studio and one-bedroom apartments, each offering manageable square footage and storage space. Many older adults prefer studio apartments because they want to downsize, but others enjoy the one-bedrooms for their added privacy. 

To learn more about Caley Ridge, prospective residents can use the links above to schedule a tour or make an inquiry. Touring is the best way to learn more about the senior living community, as the staff is happy to answer questions and show their floor plans in person. They are happy to help guests understand what sets Caley Ridge apart from other assisted living facilities and independent living communities in the vicinity. Each guest is welcome to enjoy a complimentary lunch during their trip and tours are free for anyone who is interested. For more information, read the frequently asked questions below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: How do I know if Caley Ridge Assisted Living is right for me?

Each person is different and their preferences and needs largely determine which long-term care programs are right for them. Caley Ridge offers non-medical personal care services for people who want the peace of mind that comes with a senior living community, but who do not require ongoing skilled nursing care. Their services are ideal for people who need mild to moderate assistance with their daily activities, such as eating, bathing, dressing, or maintaining personal hygiene. 

The community guarantees each person’s safety during their stay. If the caregivers are not equipped to care for someone to the degree they need, Caley Ridge may suggest another nearby facility that offers the right kind of services. 

To find out if Caley Ridge is the right choice, prospective residents can ask themselves the following questions about their level of care: 

  • Is the person ambulatory? 
  • Does the person need ongoing medical attention 
  • Does the person have memory impairments, Alzheimer's or dementia? 
  • Does the person need rehabilitation?

Although the community’s staff help residents move throughout the community as-needed, they are not equipped to help people who are permanently confined to their beds. The same principle applies to people who need ongoing medical attention: the community does not offer skilled nursing care and is not a suitable alternative for people who need it. 

Additionally, Caley Ridge may not be a suitable choice for people with memory impairments, Alzheimer's or dementia. The residence does not have a dedicated memory care community or memory care program, and it does not offer specialized services for people living with Alzheimer's disease. If a person’s memory loss or Alzheimer's disease requires memory care services to ensure their safety, they may consider another nearby assisted living community that specializes in treatments for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. Caley Ridge’s staff are happy to work with people living with Alzheimer’s disease to help them find a memory care community in the area that can help them with their symptoms. 

To learn more, prospective residents can use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. 

Q: Does Caley Ridge offer short-term care programs for people who receive in-home care?

Yes! In-home care recipients can stay at Caley Ridge for up to 30 consecutive days as part of their respite care program. Respite care guests stay in the same spacious units as assisted living residents and enjoy many of the same amenities. To learn more about the community’s respite care program, use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour! 

Q: How much does Caley Ridge cost?

Each person’s room and board depends on their floor plan. Larger floor plans typically cost more than smaller units and the more services a person needs, the more their monthly cost will be. For example, a person who lives in a one-bedroom apartment may pay more than someone who lives in a studio. 

Interested parties can get a personalized price quote using the link above, or make an inquiry to learn more about the community’s pricing policies and monthly fees.

From The Owner

At Caley Ridge, quality care is more important than all of the bells and whistles. Yes, we take pride in our grounds and our gorgeous views of the Colorado Rockies. Yes, we offer lots of amenities and conveniences for our residents. But those aren’t, and will never be, at the heart of what we do.  Many of our staff have been dedicated to making Caley Ridge a warm, inviting community for ten years or more, so the familiarity between our staff and residents is unparalleled. We don’t just know our residents’ names or health restrictions. We know their personal histories, their likes and dislikes, the things they’ve accomplished in their lifetime and the things they still aspire to do. In short, we don’t see our residents as people who need help, we see them as friends. If you or a loved one are looking for a senior living community that feels like home, we’d love to meet you. To find out more about what Caley Ridge Assisted Living can do, or to schedule a tour, call us today!   Is it t... Keep Reading

Contact Information

Community Website

(303) 721-8900

9350 East Caley Avenue, Englewood, CO, 80111

Rankings & Reviews

FamilyAssets Reviews for Caley Ridge Assisted Living

We have 58 review(s) for this provider.

Gregory at 04 Nov 2018:

Elaine at 30 Oct 2018:
"...from the moment we visited the community and toured and had lunch to the time we moved C____into her apt, it has been wonderful. She has adjusted and made friends and loves the activities! She adjusted on day one which surprised us all!"

Lois at 30 Oct 2018:
"oh I love it here, I don't have a husband to do things for me so everyone here helps me out!"

Liz at 30 Oct 2018:
I like it just fine here! The food is good and they have lots of it!

Toni at 30 Oct 2018:
The people here are very helpful. they make the building home

Paula at 30 Oct 2018:
"I am a medical professional who works in the building but am not employed by Caley Ridge and find the clinical staff to be good and great communicators. The front desk is well informed, and the entire staff are sweet and wonderful. It has a home like quality and I would put my own relatives here!"

Dolores at 30 Oct 2018:
I like the dining experience; I enjoy eating with like minded people and it is always good conversation and good food!

Irene at 30 Oct 2018:
"no one bothers me here, I can come and go and do as I please and I am safe"

Ray and Doris at 30 Oct 2018:
the people here are great and so is the food~

Pam at 30 Oct 2018:
The people are all good, both staff and neighbors!

Cathy at 30 Oct 2018:
Caley ridge has an easy atmosphere. It is very comfortable living here.

Dorothy at 30 Oct 2018:
The people are wonderful as are the residents!

Betty at 30 Oct 2018:
the people make the place and I like it here!

Nancy at 26 Oct 2018:
"the help is wonderful and very accommodating. I felt at home as soon as I moved in and had no adjustment period!"

Carolyn at 26 Oct 2018:
the help and staff are wonderful

Dorothy at 26 Oct 2018:
"My favorite thing about Caley Ridge is Debbie"

Cate at 26 Oct 2018:
"I like it here just fine, everyone is very nice to me"

Anita at 26 Oct 2018:
"I like Debbie. She is so good to all of us."

Clay at 26 Oct 2018:
I like the people here, they make it feel like home and family

Movella at 26 Oct 2018:
"I like that I have my independence"

Joan at 26 Oct 2018:
"I was an RN earlier in life and Caley Ridge lives up to my standards!"

Janet at 26 Oct 2018:
"I like everything about Caley Ridge. It is hard to pick just one thing..."

Caroine at 26 Oct 2018:
The friendly people and the friendly atmosphere are why I like it here

Barb at 26 Oct 2018:
the people make this the best place to live

Gary at 26 Oct 2018:
food is good, I like it here

Sandy at 26 Oct 2018:
"The staff is very caring and wonderful"

Tracy at 26 Oct 2018:
"I like my friends here"

Ray at 26 Oct 2018:
"the food is really good"

Karen at 26 Oct 2018:
This is my home. I have lived her many years and feel blessed to be here.

Dolores at 26 Oct 2018:
I like the food and the people. It is a good place to live and I like to take my walks outside!

Tom at 25 Oct 2018:
The staff was most accommodating to facilitate allowing us to have an exceptional dining experience with her, where the food was excellent (as I understand it always is). Our visit was truly a blessing, as the staff went out of their way to provide outstanding service, as I have found every time I visit each week. I am grateful my Mother is living at such a home, where it is obvious that all staff members (without exception that I have encountered) are so caring, and helpful. Thank You. Caley Ridge is an excellent place for my Mother to live.

Bill at 25 Oct 2018:
I will forever be grateful to our friends at Caley Ridge for how they loved and help my client heal during this difficult time, and for how they continue to provide a wonderful place for her to live.

Curtiss at 25 Oct 2018:
Caley Ridge provided a solution for my mother’s living and care needs as she approached her nineties and entered a challenging phase of her life. The administration and staff have been attentive and patient, making her feel welcome and providing a home where she can feel supported and loved. I am tremendously grateful for all that Caley Ridge has done to help our family.

Vicki at 25 Oct 2018:
We are so relieved that this is where we decided to move dad and have such peace of mind knowing that he is well taken care of and he is so very happy. We thank you Caley Ridge.

Adele at 25 Oct 2018:
Caley Ridge Review My parents have been residents at Caley Ridge Assisted Living for the past year. There are many factors that contribute to our family’s high level of satisfaction with the community. At the top of our list is the care provided by Jacob (RN and Director of Clinical Services) and Mike (RN, Clinical Services.) Both Jacob and Mike are professional, responsive and exemplary communicators. They are conscientious about keeping me well-informed about my parents’ care. It gives us peace of mind knowing how mindful and caring they are with regard to my parents’ health and well-being. Caley Ridge has a partnership with an external health provider and it’s very easy and convenient for my parents to receive first-rate physical therapy on-site. I appreciate that Aida (Activities Director) coordinates many diverse activities for the residents and their families. The Mother’s Day Tea she organized was beautiful. Our experience with Caley Ridge started off on a positive note because of the great service provided by Debbie (Director of Sales and Marketing). We were faced with the daunting decision of finding assisted living for my parents somewhat suddenly. Debbie took the requsite time and carefully helped us understand the services available at Caley Ridge in order for us to make the best decision for our family. The staff at Caley Ridge are very friendly and collectively, they’ve created a nice environment in the community. Adele C.

John at 25 Oct 2018:
When my father started showing signs of forgetfulness, I was concerned about him continuing to live on his own. I looked at many assisted living facilities in Denver and Caley Ridge stood out to me from the very start as a very welcoming place where my dad could get the care that he needed. My dad was not eager to move into assisted living but the transition was made much easier by Debbie and the rest of Caley Ridge by letting him pick out the apartment he liked, giving us a choice of services that best fit his needs and overall welcoming him to the community. Dad has now been at Caley Ridge for three years and our whole family is thankful he is in a very positive situation and we have peace of mind that he is in a much safer environment with the appropriate care for his situation.

Steve at 25 Oct 2018:
“A few years ago we moved our mother to Colorado. We were in search for a loving, healthy Assisted Living Home for her and feel blessed we found Caley Ridge. My mother is happy, safe and still has her independence. Caley Ridge provides a wonderful social environment as well as planned activities to keep my mother active. They also provide us with peace of mind that our mother is well taken care of. Thank you Caley Ridge for taking such good care of our mother as she means the world to us.”

Kim at 22 Oct 2018:

Roman at 22 Oct 2018:
I have worked with Caley ridge as a social worker in LTC and as a liaison for a hospice for over 10 years. I feel they have always provided excellent care. The facility has a great family atmosphere to it. The residents are happy and well taken care of. I will continue to recommend Caley Ridge as an option for families looking to place loved ones in an assisted living setting.

Maureen "Rene" at 20 Oct 2018:

Karen at 19 Oct 2018:
Debbie was great getting us all settled in. Staff is great

Diane at 19 Oct 2018:
great community right up to the end of my husband's life

David at 19 Oct 2018:

daphne at 19 Oct 2018:
Love working with Debbie Hutto! Great community education programs and friendly environment every time I visit!

Shaun at 19 Oct 2018:

Nicki at 19 Oct 2018:
Beautiful community! Well managed! Top Notch!

Jim at 19 Oct 2018:
Lovely, caring staff. Feel that my mom is safe there. Nice building, only problem is that when things break (ac, water pipes etc) it seems to take a very long time to fix them. Overall am very happy with my mom living there.

Judith at 19 Oct 2018:

Vickie at 19 Oct 2018:

Diane at 19 Oct 2018:
Great facility, even better staff, more like family!

FamilyAssets Review at 2018-07-01:
FamilyAssets looked at 37 reviews and calculated that Caley Ridge Assisted Living has a weighted rating of 3.806 which makes it the #131 ranked community within 20 miles of Englewood, Colorado.

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Caley Ridge Assisted Living is ranked 1 out of 7 total assisted living communities in the city of Englewood, 131 out of 261 communities within 20 mile radius and 96 out of 226 communities within the state of Colorado.

1st out of 7
Englewood Assisted Living
Top 14% of 7 assisted living facilities in Englewood
131th out of 261
Assisted Living within 20 miles
Top 50% of 261 assisted living facilities within 20 miles
96th out of 226
Colorado Assisted Living
Top 42% of 226 assisted living facilities in Colorado

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